Search Engine Optimized...

Better search results plus greater visibility equals more customers! And, isn't that what's it all about??

Every website we build is fully search engine optimized. we use a platform that outperforms other website solutions in search results. When local consumers search for local products and services, websites built and maintained by SN Digital Media rise above the rest.

Our websites are Mobile Ready!

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Over 61 million smartphones are in use today and that number continues to rise. In fact, more than 62% of all mobile phone users have a smart phone which explains why mobile searches overtook desktop searches in September 2013. And the majority of those mobile searches will be acted upon within one hour.

Websites built on our platform are able to recognize the type of device that is launching the it a smartphone, tablet or desktop. Our cutting edge technology then adapts the website design so that it is optimized for that device.

This ensures that visitors to your site have a great, frustration free experience!

Social Friendly.....

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As social media websites have grown, so have demands to allow for social interaction with business websites.

Sites built with our technology allow users to easily share information with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers. It's another way to drive traffic and user interaction.

Easy to Update

Manage your own site...or let us do it for you!

Once your site is created, the proprietary programming offered by SN Digital Media is unmatched in user-friendly design, custom features and affordability.

Site owners can easily manage their own sites. In addition, SN Digital media will perform regular maintenance. It's all included in the hosting package.

We offer all this and more!

Photos and Galleries
Video links
Slide Shows
Printable coupons that auto-expire
Event listings and calendar views
Facebook and Twitter feeds
Blogs and other social media connections
Display RSS feeds
Email capture forms
Up to 10 email addresses
Monthly page statistics
And more!

And Affordable!

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We're a small-town business too! We roll-up our sleeves and get to work everyday...just like you!

And, we always make sure we're getting a good value for our dollar. That's what you'll get when you contract with us for a SN Digital Media website.

Website design from $595. Monthly hosting only $39.95.